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The mission

Our goal is clear. We want to be a responsible brand that cares about our planet’s future. You will never have to sacrifice your glamour in order to be sustainable. We want you to look amazing while also being a part of the struggle that we are all currently facing, to which the fashion industry has been a major contributor in the past years.

That is why we decided to collaborate with suppliers, retailers and local productions which ensure that our products have a low carbon footprint, allowing us as a brand and you as a customer to make a significant contribution to the preservation of our beloved planet.

The form

Fortunately, we now live in an era when awareness is “cool,” when being responsible for the environment finally means something, and when fashion and sustainability may be so intertwined that no one will think of them as separate things. As a result, Moon Denim has taken up the mantle, and we are determined to be as open as possible about it.

For our first collection, Deserted, we wanted to combine the best of both worlds: nature’s raw, untamed beauty and the pristine clear tones of the new dresses, creating a magical juxtaposition of colors and senses.

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